Domestic students

Application requirements

All LaSalle College Vancouver applicants are evaluated for admission on the basis of their previous education, background, and stated or demonstrated interest in one of our education programs. An applicant must be a high school graduate, possess a recognized high school equivalency (GED ®* - General Education Diploma), or qualify as a mature student of not less than 19 years of age as of the start date of the program.

In lieu of documenting high school graduation, applicants who have graduated with a postsecondary diploma, associate’s degree or higher earned degree at an accredited institution of postsecondary education (or its equivalent if earned at an institution located outside of Canada), can provide official academic transcripts for the credential granted. An applicant who is home-schooled must be able to present a high school credential evidencing that the applicant completed secondary education or complies with applicable Provincial requirements for homeschooling in the Province in which the student resided during home-schooling. Other proof of high school graduation or its equivalency may be considered under special circumstances and must be approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs.

High school seniors who have not yet graduated should submit a partial transcript which indicates their expected graduation date. Additionally, the applicant is required to independently conceive and write an essay describing the applicant’s career goals and how LaSalle College Vancouver can help the applicant achieve those goals. Portfolios are welcomed, but not required.

Applicants who have taken the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), American College Test (ACT), and/or Advanced Placement (AP) Exams are encouraged to submit scores to Admissions for evaluation.

* GED® is a registered mark of American Council on Education.

Individuals seeking admission to a full-time program at LaSalle College Vancouver are required to complete and submit the following:

  • Admissions Interview (in person or over the phone) with an Admissions officer. The purpose of the interview is to:
  • Explore the prospective student’s background and interests as they relate to the programs offered at LaSalle College Vancouver;
  • Assist prospective students in identifying the appropriate area of study consistent with their previous education, background, and stated or demonstrated interest in our program offerings;
  • Provide information related to curriculum offerings and support services available at LaSalle College Vancouver. The admission interview is designed to assist in assessing whether the prospective student possesses an ability to benefit from the programs they are considering at LaSalle College Vancouver, that they are currently able to handle college-level coursework, and that they have a reasonable capability of successfully completing the appropriate program of study.
  • Academic status: The applicant must either have successfully completed secondary school (Grade 12 or GED 12) or qualify as a mature student of not less than 19 years of age as of the start date of the program (please see the section, “Mature Students.”) Applicants are required to submit official proof of secondary school graduation or equivalent (please see the section “Proof of Secondary School Graduation” for descriptions of acceptable forms of documentation for proof of graduation.) The applicant must accurately represent their education, age, and other required information to determine that they meet the admissions criteria for LaSalle College Vancouver programs.
  • Forms: A separate Application Form and Enrolment Agreement must be completed and signed by the applicant, as well as their parent or guardian if the applicant is a minor.
  • Essay: Prospective students must independently conceive and write an essay of at least 250 words describing the applicant’s employment goals and how LaSalle College Vancouver can help the applicant achieve those goals.
  • Fees: A $50 Application Fee and a $100 Assessment Fee. LaSalle College Vancouver may elect to waive these fees under special circumstances. The $100 Assessment Fee will be refunded to the applicant if they are not accepted.
  • Test Scores for degree programs. All degree-seeking applicants are required to submit official academic grades and/or test scores or take the Accuplacer test to determine placement in LaSalle College Vancouver’s college-level general education courses. Applicants who earn less than an acceptable score on the test are required to enroll in the appropriate developmental and/or transitional studies course offered at LaSalle College Vancouver. Please see the section “Academic Placement” for a complete description. Transfer credit may be accepted in place of test scores.
  • English Proficiency: Regardless of country of birth or citizenship, temporary or permanent status, all applicants to LaSalle College Vancouver whose first language is not English must demonstrate competency in the English language. Demonstration of English language proficiency can be satisfied if the applicant submits a diploma from secondary school (or a higher level of education) in a system in which English is the official language of instruction. If English is not the applicant’s first language, the applicant will need to meet the minimum English Language Proficiency standard as outlined for international students.
  • Foundation for Design: If the applicant wishes to receive advanced standing in a program that has a foundation quarter, the applicant must submit a portfolio and have it deemed acceptable by the Admissions Committee before advanced standing can be granted.
  • LaSalle College Vancouver reserves the right to request any additional information necessary to evaluate an applicant’s potential for academic success.
  • The minimum admissions requirements cannot be waived by either LaSalle College Vancouver or the applicant.

Each applicant’s academic transcript, completed essay, and any other submitted documents will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee. The Committee determines the compatibility of the applicant with the programs at LaSalle College Vancouver and ultimately makes the final decision regarding acceptance to LaSalle College Vancouver.

Applicants who are unable to submit all transcripts and/or other required documentation before classes start may be allowed to begin class conditionally, but must provide all required transcripts and documentation by 30 days after the class start date. Courses completed under the original program may or may not transfer into the new program. Changes in program may also impact eligibility for student financial aid.

Although a visit to LaSalle College Vancouver is not a requirement for submitting an application form and enrolment agreement for acceptance, prospective students are encouraged to schedule a visit with one of our admissions representatives to discuss special needs, long-term or short-term goals, and lifelong employment aspirations.

Foundation for Design Portfolio Requirements

Applicants who wish to receive advanced standing in the Graphic Design diploma program must submit a portfolio that demonstrates proficiency in foundation-level skills. For current portfolio submission guidelines, please contact an Admissions representative.

Canadian applicants (citizens, permanent residents) to LaSalle College Vancouver who do not have a high school diploma or hold a GED certificate may qualify for admission as a mature student if they meet the following criteria:

  1. The applicant must be 19 years of age or older on his/her first day of classes.
  2. The applicant must pass a placement test to demonstrate that the applicant has the ability to benefit from the course of study. Minimum passing scores are as follows:

Applicants must achieve minimum scores on all three sections of the Accuplacer test in order to pass. If an applicant is unable to pass the test, they can make one re-attempt after 24 hours or more have elapsed. Applicants can petition for additional attempts if the candidate can provide evidence of some instructional intervention that would suggest that score improvement would be possible. Applicants who admitted under mature students status are deemed to have also met minimum English requirements for admissions.

Prospective students who wish to attend LaSalle College Vancouver and do not qualify as a mature student must have successfully completed the requirements for secondary school graduation or equivalent, such as the General Education Development (GED) certificate, as set by the recognized legal authority in the jurisdiction where secondary school was completed. In the absence of such legal authority, LaSalle College Vancouver reserves the right to examine academic credentials on a case by case basis. For students in British Columbia, a high school completion certificate is not considered to be equivalent to graduation.

Applicants must provide documentation in the form of official school transcripts sent directly from the institution to LaSalle College Vancouver Vancouver that clearly indicate that the requirements for graduation have been met and the date of graduation. Documentation from outside of Canada will be evaluated by LaSalle College Vancouver Vancouver prior to acceptance. For countries where it may not be possible to have official documentation sent directly from the institution, applicants should consult with their Admissions representative to determine what forms of documentation are acceptable. In some cases, evaluation by a credential evaluation agency may be required.

An applicant who holds a postsecondary diploma, associate’s degree or higher may submit proof of that credential as evidence of satisfying the secondary school graduation requirement. Secondary school applicants who have not yet graduated should submit a partial transcript that indicates their expected graduation date in order to be evaluated for early conditional acceptance. Applicants who are unable to provide documentation of having completed a high school diploma or GED due to a natural disaster destroying the records or the institution having been closed may submit the following for consideration in addition to completing an attestation of High School Diploma or GED completion:

  • Confirmation from the province recognizing that the institution lost its records to a natural disaster. If the province cannot confirm, confirmation can be obtained from a recognized authority as approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs.
  • Confirmation from the province recognizing that the institution has closed and that the records are not attainable.

All students must provide official transcripts of high school and college attendance, and must provide proof of high school graduation on the official transcript. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable for scheduling and testing purposes (if official transcripts have not been received). However, the official transcript is required by 30 days after class start and will be verified by the Registrar and placed in the student file. The Director of Admissions has the discretion to extend this deadline, not to exceed one quarter.

LaSalle College Vancouver Vancouver will notify the applicant, in writing, of his or her acceptance. In the event the student is not accepted, the Application Fee and the Enrolment Fee, if submitted, will be refunded.

Acceptance does not guarantee enrolment in a chosen program or course, which may require an additional application process.

  • Accepted: A seat is reserved for the applicant pending completion of the registration procedure for the start date the applicant selected.
  • Conditionally Accepted: A seat is reserved for the applicant pending receipt of specified requirements for the start date the applicant selected.
  • Not Accepted: The applicant has not met the admission requirements or information requested has not been received.

A student must demonstrate literacy, defined as the ability to read and write at a level that allows him or her to be successful in a college level course, with reasonable remediation allowed, in order to be accepted. The admission essay will be assessed by a faculty/academic committee (ADCOM) and scored at one of two levels: Meets standard or Does not meet standard. No student may be admitted to an LaSalle College Vancouver without an essay that Meets Standard. An essay may only be rewritten one time for each start, and any appeal decision by the Dean or his or her designee is final. The evaluation of writing ability is useful in determining the applicant’s compatibility with the program’s course of study and in determining the applicant’s ability to write and develop ideas according to the rules of Standard English.

I. Essay Requirements

  • Applicants must write an essay of at least 250 words, answering the following prompts: What are your career goals and how do you expect your education at LaSalle College Vancouver to help you attain them? In what ways will you participate and commit to your education in order to be successful?
  • The documents/directions to be provided to the student are in Procedures for ADCOM Literacy Review Student Handout.
  • All prospective students must be assessed for college readiness in literacy and who have documentation of an accepted essay to that school in the student file.
  • All members of ADCOM and admissions staff will be trained on the essay and the rubric.
  • Scoring on the rubric is as follows:
    1. Meets Standard: Student is considered literate and may be accepted as long as all other admission requirements are met.
    2. Does not meet standard: Student does not meet the literacy standard and may not be accepted even if all other admission requirements are met.
    3. Students will be notified of their essay results in writing by the admissions office.

Appeals Process (Rewrite).

  • The student may request to rewrite the essay only one time for each start and is advised to first meet with the appropriate academic official (Dean of the Campus or his or her designee) to discuss his or her score. That official may not be a member of the Admissions Committee (ADCOM.)
  • The applicant must submit the appeal (rewrite) essay to the Admissions representative (Enrolment Processor/Admissions Office Manager) for processing prior to the start date.
  • The Essay rewrite must follow the same requirements and guidelines as indicated in section I.
  • Any decision on the results of the rewrite is to be considered final.
  • The applicant must meet ALL admissions requirements for full acceptance to the school.