Professional Recording Arts (LIPA)
Diploma | Professional Recording Arts (LIPA)

The Professional Recording Arts (LIPA) program is a fully articulated block transfer program. Students aspiring to a higher level of academic work and/or are clear about their desire to transfer to the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) may apply for the articulated program at the beginning of their studies at LaSalle College Vancouver.

You don’t just listen to music. You live it. And your goal is to work in a studio, using your talent and the latest tools to create the music and sound that inform, entertain, stir, and inspire others. Our Audio Production programs will show you how to record, edit, mix, and master digital audio using industry-standard professional recording studio technology, including sophisticated Solid State Logic recording consoles. You’ll explore everything from producing live and studio music to designing sound for film, radio, TV, web, live performances, and other venues. With professional audio recording studios as your classrooms, we’ll work with you to develop your unique talents. You’ll be surrounded and inspired by other talented, creatively driven students. And you’ll be pushed, challenged, and, above all else, supported by experienced faculty. Sound good?

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Paul’s career in the film and television industry spans more than 25 years.

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Mitch Evans, graduate of LCV's Professional Recording Arts diploma program.

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TechnoDolly: specialty camera system demo on-campus.

This program consists of 110 credits over 6 quarters.

The program includes all course work in the Professional Recording Arts diploma program with additional academic and project requirements and higher expectations regarding academic achievement. Additional courses include Media Studies and Technology, and Directed Studies. The program requires the completion of a variety of written papers through Directed Studies courses. In addition, students are required to complete a major collaborative project.


  • Rhetoric and Composition
  • Academic Writing
  • Fundamentals of Audio
  • Digital Audio and Control Systems
  • Audio Technology I
  • Audio Recording I
  • Audio Recording II
  • Digital Music Technology I
  • Digital Music Technology II
  • Digital Audio I
  • Digital Audio II
  • Music Theory I
  • Music Theory II
  • Acoustics
  • Psychoacoustics
  • Audio Electronics
  • Advanced Recording Techniques I
  • Advanced Recording Techniques II
  • Practical Audio Electronics
  • Synthesis & Sound Design I
  • Synthesis & Sound Design II
  • Digital Audio III
  • Digital Audio IV
  • Songwriting
  • Music Arranging and Recording Technology
  • Music Production for Visual Media
  • Composition for Advertising
  • Live Sound Reinforcement
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Media Studies - Technology and Culture I
  • Media Studies - Technology and Culture II
  • Advanced Music Production for Visual Media
  • Directed Studies I
  • Directed Studies II
  • Professional Development and Portfolio
  • Senior Project