Event Management
Diploma | Event Management


Every day special events take place all over the world. Festivals, galas, awards shows, conferences, exhibitions, meetings, incentive programs, marketing events, sporting events, and many more. All these events require someone, or a team of people to put them together. Event managers and coordinators spend countless hours preparing and coordinating every detail of their event so that the audience can enjoy a seamless and spectacular event.

* This program is delivered by The Art Institute of Vancouver Inc., PTIB Designated Institution ID-00045 and located at 2665 Renfrew St, Vancouver, BC, V5M 0A7. LaSalle College and the LaSalle College logo are trademarks of LaSalle International Inc. and used under licence by The Art Institute of Vancouver Inc.

This program consists of 60 credits over 4 quarters.

In the Event Management program, students have the opportunity to learn what it takes to manage and publicize events. Students have the opportunity to gain knowledge of how to work with vendors including caterers, florists, and rental companies. Additionally, students are exposed to the correct methods to spread the word about the event — including insight advertising and community relations.

LaSalle College Vancouver and the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC) have analyzed and compared the Event Management diploma program to the Occupational Knowledge component of the Tourism Certified Professional - Event Coordinator (TCP-EVC) certification program and found the programs to be equivalent. As a result, the two organizations as well as go2, who is the provincial partner of the CTHRC and delivery agent of Emerit tourism training and certification in the province of British Columbia, have entered into an articulation agreement.

  • Food & Beverage Services
  • Essential Software
  • Project Management & Strategic Planning
  • Business Communications
  • Stakeholder Management & Measuring Return
  • Financial Management & Administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Site Management & On-Site Operations
  • Event Marketing
  • Customer Service, Sales, & Relationship Building
  • Risk Management & Law
  • Technical Production
  • Event Design
  • Sponsorship & Program Funding
  • Proposals & Presentations
  • Destination Management, Meetings, Conferences & Trade Shows
  • Practical Application
  • Ethics & Professionalism
  • Public Relations
  • Professional Development