Jewellery Design
Diploma | Jewellery Design


Take the first step towards the career of your dreams! In only one year, and with no experience necessary, produce an original collection of jewellery or wearable art. Experienced and passionate teachers will guide you through the jewellery design process from concept through to fabrication, including the promotion of your own jewellery business. Roll up your sleeves and practice the basics of shaping, forming, soldering and finishing metal; advance into your favorite techniques with the freedom and support to carve your own path as a designer. Gain skillful talents in multiple bead stringing and weaving techniques, and learn to design and fabricate unique metal findings. Using historical and modern concepts in jewellery design, learn traditional freehand drawing and painting techniques that are later enhanced with digital illustration skills. Participate in jewellery presentation and photography sessions that shape your own style and brand. Graduate with an impressive digital portfolio of jewellery images that provides a cutting edge in the field. Small class sizes ensure you will get the individualized help you need in our bright and comfortable jewellery design studio.

The Jewellery Design Program consists of 3 semesters, 15 weeks per semester for a total of 45 weeks.

By the end of the program, you will have completed 900 hours which amounts to 300 hours per semester or 20 hours per week that entitles you to a diploma in Jewellery Design.


  • Jewellery Designer
  • Jewellery Manufacturer
  • Jewellery Studio Technician
  • Costume Design Accessory Consultant (theatre, film and television)
  • Jewellery Merchandiser
  • Jewellery Customer Service/Sales

  • Develop the ability to transform jewellery concepts into actual work;
  • Communicate jewellery concepts verbally, in writing, and through traditional and digital illustration
  • Learn about the various materials and techniques available to create a range of jewellery pieces
  • Learn the history of jewellery design and how culture influences jewellery trends.
  • Gain first-hand experience with exhibitions and scout out career-building opportunities in the local and international jewelry social network
  • Produce an original collection of jewellery
  • Acquire skills to produce, manage, market, promote and present jewellery designs.

Semester 1
  • Metal Work I
  • Beading I
  • History and Trends
  • Illustration I
  • Art & Application
Semester 2
  • Metal Work II
  • Beading II
  • Multimedia
  • Illustration II
  • Visual Language
Semester 3
  • Metal Work III
  • Beading III
  • Computerized Illustration
  • Marketing
  • Jewellery Portfolio