Artistic Makeup Fashion & Beauty
Diploma | Artistic Makeup Fashion & Beauty


Do you have a desire to explore the art of creative beauty? Do you love fashion, entertainment and the big screen? Dive into the magical realm of Artistic Makeup at LaSalle College Vancouver!

The Artistic Makeup – Fashion & Beauty Certificate will provide you with the skills to launch your career in the makeup industry.  LaSalle College Vancouver has an incredible network with industry leaders who regularly approach the college with exciting projects, exposing students to great opportunities to participate in professional make-up sessions and photo shoots, thus giving them immediate industry experience.

The program will focus on Makeup history, protocol and safety, equipment use and maintenance and the fundamentals of skin and hair care. The course will also discuss morphology and structure of the human face.

As a student you will learn corrective techniques related to skin, eyebrow, eye and lips as well as hair styling techniques involving balance, curling and blow-drying for bridal, editorial & advertising photography and fashion events.  As a graduate, you will be able to showcase your professional portfolio, allowing you to work in entertainment, in fashion, on television and movie sets.

* This program is delivered by The Art Institute of Vancouver Inc., PTIB Designated Institution ID-00045 and located at 2665 Renfrew St, Vancouver, BC, V5M 0A7. LaSalle College and the LaSalle College logo are trademarks of LaSalle International Inc. and used under licence by The Art Institute of Vancouver Inc.

One 15 week semester, 20 hours per week for a total of 300 hours.


  • Artistically driven and talented;
  • Great communication skills;
  • Passionate about beauty, make-up, fashion and trends;
  • Passion for hands-on work and the creative process.
  • Understand the basic theoretical principles of makeup;
  • Apply make-up using different techniques and products;
  • Analyze the Makeup Artist job functions;
  • Advise customers on the use of make-up and other beauty products and to apply make-up to customers; may specialize in applying makeup to models or other individuals for special occasions;
  • Suggest hair style compatible with client's physical features or determine style from client's instructions and preferences;
  • Eexplore career and planning, résumé preparation, job interview skills and job search strategies;
  • Create a Professional Portfolio.

Students are required to purchase a make-up kit. For more details, please consult with one of our Admissions Advisors.

Artistic and technical makeup artists are in high demand, and freelancers have a vast array of opportunities available to them in different creative fields. As a graduate, you will find work in the entertainment industry working in fashion, movie and television sets.