Graphic Design

Students in this program will have the opportunity to learn to apply the fundamentals of design, typography, illustration and production procedures in creative communication problems and projects. In addition, students have the opportunity to learn how to meet the needs of clients quickly, creatively and economically. Training will be provided to give students the opportunity to design with the following software tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Flash, and Dreamweaver.

* This program is delivered by The Art Institute of Vancouver Inc., PTIB Designated Institution ID-00045 and located at 2665 Renfrew St, Vancouver, BC, V5M 0A7. LaSalle College and the LaSalle College logo are trademarks of LaSalle International Inc. and used under licence by The Art Institute of Vancouver Inc.

This program consists of 75 credits over 5 quarters.

Upon graduation, Graphic Design graduates will have acquired the training and developed the portfolio necessary to interview for entry-level positions in advertising agencies, design studios, publishing houses, web development companies, corporate communications departments, and television studios.

Magazines, newspapers, advertising agencies, publishing houses, engineering companies, builders, packaging, and web development companies all require the specialized skills of graphic designers.

  • History of Art in Early Civilization
  • Concept Development
  • Typography
  • History and Analysis of Design
  • Advanced Typography
  • Electronic Design
  • Production Procedures
  • Photoshop for Prepress
  • Digital Illustration
  • Corporate Identity
  • Dimensional Design
  • Art Direction
  • Design and Technology
  • Foundation of Electronic Production
  • Portfolio I
  • Portfolio II
  • Advertising Design
  • Senior Project
  • Digital Visual Composition
  • Computer Animation for Multimedia
  • Professional Development
  • Fundamentals of the World Wide Web
  • WS130 Web Site Development I
  • WS230 Web Site Development II