Event Planning and Management | Online
Diploma | Event Planning and Management | Online


With a training in event planning and management, your creativity, your versatility and your ability to work within a team will be put to practice.

In the field of event planning, the team works together with a single common purpose: to ensure that the event is unique and successful! The online Event Planning and Management program is designed for event and communications enthusiasts. Do you enjoy dynamic field work? Do you adapt well to flexible work schedules? This program is perfect for you!

The exciting world of event planning opens its doors to you.

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About E-learning

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How does it work ?

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  • High-quality training with rich media content. 
  • Continuous evaluation of your understanding of the material.
  • An E-learning program based on the original LaSalle College on campus program.
  • A variety of courses available remotely. 
  • A combination of virtual classes, self-guided training, and homework for a minimum amount of class hours and a maximum amount of freedom. 
  • Virtual evening classes.
  • Length of program: 16 months; 13 hours per week; 810 hours (includes self-guided training, virtual classes and individual study time).


If you have these qualities or skills, then a career in Event Planning and Management may be for you! 
  • Creativity
  • People Skills
  • Organization
  • Passion
  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Attention to Detail
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Quick Problem Solving Skills

After completing the Event Planning and Management E-learning program, you will have earned your diploma from LaSalle College Vancouver, and gain access to the following fields of employment:

  • Event Coordinator
  • Event Producer
  • Project Management
  • Computer with 64 bits 3GHz processor or Mac Intel
  • Windows 7 or higher or Mac OS v.10.7 or higher 
  • Minimum 4GB of RAM
  • Hard Drive 500GB
  • High Speed Internet access
  • Screen with minimum resolution of 1080 x 900 (1280 x 1024 recommended)
  • Sound Card, headphones and microphones
  • Application software and peripherals required for the course   
  • Flatbed Scanner
  • Adobe Flash Player (most recent update)
  • Flat scanner 
  • Camera

Students are responsible for ensuring compatibility with the software.

  • Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe CS Suite or CC and Freeware Openproject.
  • Headphones with integrated microphone.
Semester 1 
  • Introduction to Event Planning
  • Cultures, Etiquette and Protocols
  • Event Logistics
  • Introduction to Event Production Software
Semester 2

  • Resource Planning
  • Client-Supplier Communications
  • Service Contracts and Proposals
  • Presenting Project Plans

Semester 3 

  • Observational Project
  • Event Marketing
  • Professional Portfolio
  • Project Management

Semester 4 

  • Website Development
  • Event Coordination
  • Post-Event Activities
  • Human Resources