LaSalle College Vancouver (LCV) Policies and Procedures

LCV policies and procedures provide a framework in which decisions can be made and implemented. They help to standardize practice, maintain quality, test and improve services, and achieve greater understanding and co-operation amongst students, faculty, and administrative personnel.

Scope: The Scope lists who in the organization the policy applies to:

  • students – all persons registered in an academic program
  • faculty – teaching personnel
  • staff – administrative personnel
  • employees – both faculty and staff.

The College must ensure that all operational practices, activities, decisions, and organizational circumstances are lawful, prudent and in compliance with commonly accepted business practices and professional ethics, and in particular, with those of the post-secondary education community.

Policies are reviewed annually by the LCV Board of Governors for compliance and relevance.

Financial Policies/Procedures

Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Admission Policies and Procedures

Information and Communications Technology Policies and Procedures

Academic Policies and Procedures

Student Services Policies