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Digital Film & Video
Mark Van Ee
Original program: Digital Film & Video

Alumni Information
School: LaSalle College Vancouver
Grad Year: 2008
Program of Study: Digital Film & Video
Degree: Diploma

Employment/Professional Information
Company Name: Lucasfilm - Industrial Light & Magic
Location: Vancouver
Job Title: VFX Compositor
Primary Responsibilities: Tracking, Scheduling, Budgeting, Time management.

Describe a Typical Work Day:

A typical day consists of tracking artists work across various departments to ensure client notes are being addressed within the budgeted time. Assisting the production manager and producer with general duties as needed, while assisting the crew with any questions or concerns they may have.

What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of?

Landing a job at Lucasfilm is definitely the greatest accomplishment of my career to date. Having started as a locations P.A. standing in the pouring rain for 15 hours a day has made me very grateful for everything that has happened along the way.

At the moment at Lucasfilm, we are in post-production on The Lone Ranger. I am also very proud of the work I did at my previous job at Method Studios, where I worked on Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 1 as well as Man on a Ledge and Cloud Atlas.

What are your creative inspirations or influences? Who are your heroes?

My greatest inspiration has always been the films themselves, while my creative influence came from my closest friends. From no-budget movies to claymation, creating something that could make people laugh has always been important to me.

What do you enjoy the most about your career?

Having the opportunity to work with so many bright and enthusiatic people. In my experience, it’s rare to find a profession where people are so passionate about their work and the end result.

How did your education at LaSalle College Vancouver help prepare you for your career?

The first job I landed after LaSalle College Vancouver was through an instructor who brought me and a few other graduates to his software company. From there I moved to on-set work, animation, and finally VFX. Every step taught me valuable lessons I still utilize to this day.

What advice do you have for people beginning their careers in your profession?

Don’t feel that it’s above you to start from the bottom to get to the top. I still have a long ways to achieve my goals and it’s taken me a few years of hard work to get where I am today.

Your profession is constantly evolving, from the technology you use to new career opportunities that didn’t exist five years ago. What trends do you see on the horizon that will affect how you do your job or your profession at-large?

The film industry is constantly coming out with advancements in technology, both on and off set. The tools used in studio to bring a film to life are in a constant state of innovation and progression, so it’s important to stay informed on the current process, even when working on the production side.

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