Educational Developer

Educational Developer

Position Summary
Responsible for developing and revising market driven academic programs and courses. Responsible for designing, developing, supporting and delivering campus-wide educational development activities primarily connected with annual and comprehensive program review processes.  Promotes a scholarly approach to enhancing teaching and learning initiatives through informed and collaborative decisions with directors, faculty, and academic leadership.


Purpose and Key Functions

  • Provide support, direction and lead the design and development of curriculum and learning experiences in market driven educational programs, .
  • Design (or redesign), implement, assess, and evaluate courses and programs through annual and comprehensive program evaluation processes.   
  • Identify, build, cultivate and maintain relationships with campus partners and with various stakeholders across the College and the network.
  • Work with and advise faculty regarding the development, coordination and enhancement of courses and program design and development projects that meet targeted educational learning goals.
  • Stay current with institutional and provincial policies, frameworks, and standards related to post-secondary teaching, curriculum, and quality assurance.
  • Provide program and policy information to others and advise on matters related to implementation, process, timelines and deadlines.
  • Work with program directors and faculty to identify teaching support needs and develop and implement action plans on teaching related matters.
  • Develop curriculum and learning experiences by establishing guidelines or plans for consultations, workshops, training sessions, retreats, courses, and other elements within the academic program areas.
  • Facilitate and instruct faculty, staff, and students, through consultations, workshops, training sessions, courses, retreats, institutes, and teaching and learning programs on effective teaching strategies, academic course and program design, research, and other teaching related matters.
  • Develop, deliver, and evaluate training programs designed to assist faculty and staff in developing teaching skills and designing (or redesigning) academic courses and programs.
  • Provide advice and recommendations to faculty, staff, and students regarding best practices in teaching and learning, modes of delivery, academic course and program design, accessibility, learning technologies, learning portfolios, and other teaching practices and innovations.
  • Conduct in-depth interviews and focus groups with faculty, staff, or students to collect, gather, and summarize findings used to assist in identifying areas in academic courses and programs that require modifications.
  • Facilitate curriculum mapping for new program development and for existing academic programs
  • Review existing academic course and program designs, provide faculty with evidence-based recommendations for enhancement.
  • Develop relevant and quality resource information for digital platforms and social networks.
  • Develop a variety of documents including, but not limited to, guidebooks and rubrics.
  • Engage and advise faculty, staff, and students in research involving teaching and learning models.
  • Research best practices in service delivery and resources available by conducting regular scans of literature, attending conferences, and reviewing other institutional websites.
  • Contribute to educational research projects using qualitative and quantitative methodologies.


Master's degree in Education or related field.

Requires 3 years of relevant experience.


Applicants are expected to have 3 years of experience in educational development supporting undergraduate teaching and learning at a post-secondary institution that produces job-ready graduates.

Applicants must be knowledgeable about the use of portfolios and experiential learning as an educational approach. Strong applications will demonstrate that the applicant not only has experience using learning portfolios and work-integrated learning, but also has experience in consulting or mentoring others in these approaches.

  • Location: LaSalle College Vancouver
  • Job Code: 2105
  • Number of jobs available: 1