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Caroline Ross is an is an award winning photographer with over 75 publications in fashion, editorial, travel, food and weddings. Caroline was first introduced to photography at Laurentian University while working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She continued to study digital arts and photography at Cambrian College before beginning her career as a Museum Curator, Graphic Designer and then Creative Director. As her photography business grew Caroline decided to pursue photography full time and eventually moved to the Caribbean Island of St Maarten to set up a second studio. In 2014 she moved again to Vancouver, British Columbia where she is happy to settle down and call home. With a diverse portfolio in Fashion, Editorial, Corporate, Weddings and Portraits, Caroline often travels around North America for work.

Caroline loves sharing her passion for photography with the students at LaSalle College Vancouver.  As an educator, Caroline is committed to helping students find their own artistic expression and style through a mix of contemporary and traditional teaching methods.  As a working professional in the photography industry, Caroline brings real-world experience to the classroom.

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