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Chris York is a graduate of Sheridan College with over twenty years experience in the animation industry. Trained as a traditional animator, Chris worked in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver at a variety of studios including Nelvana, Bardel, Red Rover, and Atomic Cartoons. Chris is proud to have worked on the feature films “Ferngully” and “Space Jam”.

Chris spent five years in Asia working as an animation supervisor in Seoul, South Korea for studios such as Hyperion and Warner Brothers. Chris also worked for Stretch Films supervising “Courage The Cowardly Dog” in Taipei, Taiwan.

Chris has always enjoyed various drawing, storyboarding and design jobs for traditional animation, 2D, and 3D projects. He began teaching in the mid 2000s and it wasn’t long before he realized how much he enjoyed teaching students a variety of classes, including drawing, animation, storyboarding, design and sculpture.

Game Design & VFX