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Dustin started his career at East Side Games as QA/Community Support and quickly moved into the position of Junior Designer for the title Pot Farm. From there, he was promoted to Intermediate Designer. At GREE Canada, Dustin worked as Intermediate Designer on Beyond the Dead, War of Nations, and Jackpot Slots, with a focus on monetization design, project management, and experience design, crafting game experiences for an audience of over 1 million people. He then returned to East Side Games as a Producer, managing titles from an upper level and ensuring all experiences crafted by his team had the right focus.

Dustin also managed all Live Ops titles at East Side Games, supervising the development of all features and content, ensuring they lived up to the quality of experience to bring to the players. He says, "That’s what a Game Designer is: a person who finds passion in making an experience for others to remember and enjoy."

Dustin's interest in crafting diverse game experiences comes from his background growing up in Chilliwack, BC, working in a factory, landscaping, as an electrician, and as a computer technician. While working as a firefighter, he introduced Magic the Gathering to the fire hall, and discovered his passion for making games by playing them constantly, and always reflecting back on the experience a game would bring to him. He recalls that playing Dungeons & Dragons made him realize that he enjoyed bringing an experience to players and how to craft those experiences before I even started my career as Game Designer. That motivation has continued on to a mass scale, bringing entertainment and joy to the biggest audience possible.

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