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John C. Wong has worked in the CG industry since 1994, beginning as a Computer Animator on Mindfield Digital Arts.

He received his art training at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

In 1995, he worked at the Film Workshop as a Special Effects Animator working in movie production. He continued his work in special effects and animation at “Music Video Production Studio” and worked as a freelance Computer Animator doing TV commercials, Cooperate Video, and product design and was certified as a level 2 Animator.

In 1999, John continued his education in Vancouver to upgrade his skills and learn Maya. He began working as an instructor at “IDA” in 2000. He was certified as a Maya instructor in 2000 and joined LaSalle College Vancouver (formerly The Art Institute of Vancouver) in 2003 as an instructor in 3D animation, Digital Compositing, and Special Effects.

Game Design & VFX