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It has been said over and over that there are not enough hours in a day. Tell that to June Fong - a professional NCIDQ certified interior designer, independent design principal and educator. Daily, she manages to build on her already peerless knowledge in the field of interior design and make it available for the students that share her passion.

June understands this passion must be nurtured in order to evolve into purpose. Those she has mentored rank among practicing design principals, designers, contractors and graduates from multiple leading accredited institutions.

June’s own commitments to elevated academic achievements early on have earned her numerous awards and scholarships with industry partners and design affiliations. This, in tandem with her background in marketing and business paragon, has propelled her to numerous platforms of design and construction.

Having commanded top positions of senior designer and project manager for top architectural and design firms, as well as project planning for corporations like ICBC, June is perpetually at the forefront of what’s new in interior design, earning her recognition as a “go to” industry consultant. She has working construction knowledge and design experience with local and national projects of several hundred thousand square feet commissioned by law firms, cable companies, oil corporations and everything in between. Her design portfolio demonstrates her ability to simultaneously utilize creativity, technology proficiency and an insightful global awareness towards upcoming innovations, culminating to form her intellectual design.

June’s belief is that an overachiever is only classified as such by the standards he or she is compared to, which is why she is continually setting her sights higher as she gains ground.

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