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Robert Wenzek has mentored hundreds of music videos and short films at LaSalle College Vancouver, where he teaches music video production, documentary production, short film production, screenwriting, directing and editing since 2002. Rob has directed numerous short films and music videos including “Hate Being Late” for Nardwuar and the Evaporators featuring Andrew W. K. In 2012 Rob sold the option for the screenplay Ben & Jerry which he co-wrote with Fred Ewanuick of “Corner Gas” fame. Most recently, Rob was the editor of Ben Ratner’s feature film “Downriver” which opened in select theatres across Canada in March 2014.

Rob’s work as an editor extends beyond narrative films into documentaries for Knowledge Network, Global Television and APTN. He has also edited many multi screen projection shows which are currently playing around the world including the NASA production of “Blast Off” for Space Center Houston, and “Earth Rangers” for the R.O.M. In late 2013 Rob completed a directorial video project for the Manitoba Museum about the Lake Winnipeg watershed.

Rob is currently working towards his M.A. degree through the Raindance/University of Staffordshire M.A. program, has started preproduction for his first feature film titled “The Prodigal Dad”, and has been slowly accumulating footage for a feature documentary. With what little free time Rob has when he isn’t behind a camera or editing suite, he enjoys cooking, spending time with his family, and “ripping it up” on guitar.

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