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Roger Mitchell is a 3D Artist, instructor and entrepreneur who specializes in 2D & 3D software packages, game design methodologies. He has over twenty years of hands-on production experience in the design and development of top level professional game products in the video games industry.

Roger's passion and love for the digital media art form has allowed him to have a successful and wide career from creating video games to teaching and mentoring others in the creation and design of video games. In 2009, Roger became an independent game developer, working in the early stages of the mobile games and apps market. These skills along with a passion for learning were pivotal during his transition to teaching. Teaching, mentoring and research has proved to be a very rewarding way for Roger to give back and guide upcoming students with ambitions to enter the games, film and VFX industries.

In 2019, Roger joined LaSalle College Vancouver as Program Director for Media Arts and brings with him his talent and experience to the Game Design & VFX school.

Game Design & VFX