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Ryan is the founder of Playful Fox games in Vancouver, developing several game prototypes and app prototypes in Unity. His games career began with a position as Quality Assurance (QA) Tester at Electronic Arts, after which Ryan attained a position as the first full time Quality Assurance Analyst at East Side Games. While in that position, Ryan established the initial QA processes at the company including documentation practice and training material. He was later promoted to a design role, beginning as the only designer on a project he pitched to the studio. Ryan moved on to the studio’s main product, “Pot Farm” (Facebook), where he took over the design of the daily content releases. Later, he would take a similar role on the studio’s next major game, “Pot Farm Grass Roots” (Android)/”Munchie Farm” (iOS). Ryan took on the role of analyst as well as designer, took it upon himself to document the all of the game economies, and helped re-design major aspects of the game based on his findings.

Ryan’s passion for the games industry started with the discovery of level editors included in many PC games. After building many levels for himself, he continued his interest in building games through coding camps at BCIT as well as introductory programming courses in high school and college. He completed his education in the Game Art and Design program at LaSalle College Vancouver (formerly The Art Institute of Vancouver), where he was awarded Best of Show at his graduation portfolio show.

In 2016, Ryan returned to LaSalle College Vancouver as faculty member for the Game Art and Design program.

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