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Valerie Pugh has over 25 years of fine art teaching experience and has organized and instructed curriculum for academic and leisure programs at all levels. She is passionate about art education and her enthusiasm becomes immediately evident to every student who takes her classes.

Va feels that education is the process of applying intellect and imagination to solution, resolution and transformation of idea. Demonstrating mastery and mentorship, “I see teaching as an experience of ‘alive moments’ where discovery, understanding and content are shared in an environment of cooperation and practical application. By teaching in verbal, visual and experiential ways, I engage students in the creative processes of active learning. Through working together, my goal is that students develop skills, professionalism, and determination to always expand their knowledge and excel at their skills. My mantra for teaching is “mastery and mentorship” and my measurement of success is to see learners master knowledge and mentor others.

Val holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Calgary and has initiated many large scale community art projects during her career.

Outside of the classroom, Val has conducted workshops and lectures at postsecondary institutions across Canada, including Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Surrey Arts Centre, Wells Summer School of the Arts, Naramata Centre, Regina Centre for the Arts, BC Art Teachers Association conferences, Douglas College, Women Speak Institute, Arts Umbrella and West Vancouver Recreational Center.

For over 20 years, she has also been supplying hand-painted artwork, tile, and murals to the construction industry as Principal/Owner of Article-Valeria Pugh Designs and is a practicing and exhibiting artist at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Surrey Art Gallery, Victoria Art Gallery and Equinox Gallery. She also received a City of Vancouver Award Commission for a 25 ft. mural project.

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