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William is a 18 year veteran in the computer animation industry and was a member of The Art Institute of Vancouver’s first graduation class. After graduation, William continued his academic pursuits abroad and now holds Bachelors and Masters of Arts Degrees in Computer Animation at the University of Teesside, UK.

At the University of Teesside, William pursued academic research and sought to find cutting-edge ways by which one could produce 3D effects, such as creating a novel method for simulating fluid dynamics with 3D hair systems and experimenting between the boundaries of two and three-dimensional animation.

He is currently the managing director and founder of The Pixel Factory, a design firm which produces motion design, web design, and graphic design. His role includes project management, branding, web marketing and producing motion graphics and VFX.

Besides a passion for his craft, as an educator William brings both academic and practical experience to the classroom, having also worked in the industry as a CG supervisor, technical director, character modeler, animator, and special effects artist. He has worked with companies across Canada and the UK such as The BBC, YTV, Double Negative, and Ganz.

With his varied roles in the industry position, William is an excellent mentor for students who are exploring different avenues of concentration in the computer graphics industries. His current interest includes VFX for film, procedural modeling, lighting, and neuroesthetics.

William has a strong passion for Media Arts and thoroughly enjoys sharing his knowledge in the classroom.

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