Bursary - Associate of Arts Degree

Bursary - Associate of Arts Degree

Vancouver’s quickest and most affordable Associate of Arts degree

LaSalle College Vancouver wants to make it easier for students to complete an Associate of Arts Degree. Bursaries of up to $7,000 for international students will be awarded to eligible students who are accepted. For eligible students the total tuition fee could result in $26,000 if you are an international student.

Bursaries are awarded on a quarterly basis and renewed if the student is registered for a minimum of four courses* (12 credits) and maintains a minimum 2.4 GPA each quarter.

Bursaries are not refundable or transferable across programs and can only be used towards tuition. Recipients of this bursary are not eligible for any other scholarships, bursaries, or awards.

*Exceptions to the course load requirement are made if a student has a documented learning accommodation requirement and/or is in the final quarter to complete the program.


Bursary recipients must abide by LaSalle College Vancouver’s Student Code of Conduct. They are expected to contribute to the college community, assist prospective students and get involved with events. Students are expected to volunteer up to one hour for every $100 awarded.

Recipients may be required to:

  • Participate in school activities such as the Open House, Orientation, Portfolio Show, etc. as a Student Ambassador
  • Help promote the institution by supporting testimonials, website content, social media, local marketing events and other initiatives
  • Support the Admissions Department and Program Directors when necessary for on-campus events, tours, alumni events, and other duties as required
  • Support initiatives pertaining to the LCI Education Foundation

LaSalle College Vancouver reserves the right to change its bursary’s conditions and eligibility criteria.