Tuition & Fees | LaSalle College Vancouver, Canada

Tuition and Fees

Bachelor of Science*
Game Programming (180 credits)
International Bachelor Degree Bursary - Learn more
$76,500 $99,000*
Bachelor of Design*
Graphic Design (180 credits)
International Bachelor Degree Bursary - Learn more
Fashion Design (180 credits)
International Bachelor Degree Bursary - Learn more
Bachelor of Applied Design*
Interior Design (180 credits)
International Bachelor Degree Bursary - Learn more
$79,740 $99,000*
Associate of Arts Degree*
Associate of Arts (60 credits)
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$25,500 $33,000
Advanced Diploma
Culinary Arts & Restaurant Ownership (90 credits) $38,250 $49,500
3D Modeling for Animation & Games (105 credits) $44,625 $57,750
Animation Art & Design (105 credits) $44,625
Baking & Pastry Arts (60 credits) $25,500 $33,000
Culinary Arts (60 credits) $25,500

Culinary Arts & Restaurant Ownership (90 credits)
$38,250 $49,500
Digital Film & Video (90 credits) $38,250 $49,500
Digital Photography (60 credits) $25,500 $33,000
Fashion Design (90 credits) $39,870 $49,500
Fashion Marketing (90 credits) $38,250 $49,500
Game Art & Design (105 credits) $46,515 $57,750
Graphic Design & Foundation for Design (90 credits) $38,250 $49,500
Hospitality & Restaurant Business Management (60 credits) $25,500 $33,000
Interior Design (90 credits) $39,870 $49,500
Jewellery Design (900 hours) $16,900 $17,820
Professional Recording Arts (90 credits) $38,520 $49,500
Professional Recording Arts (LIPA) (110 credits) $47,080 $60,500
VFX for Film & Television (105 credits) $44,625 $57,750
Visual & Game Programming (90 credits) $38,250 $49,500

Baking & Pastry Arts Level 1 Certificate (30 credits)
$12,750 $16,500
Culinary Arts Level 1 Certificate (30 credits)

Other Applicable Fees for on-campus programs
Application Fee: $50 | Assessment Fee: $100

LaSalle College Vancouver offers the Bachelor of Science in Game Programming, Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design, Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design, Bachelor of Applied Design in Interior Design, and Associate of Arts Degree programs under the written consent of the Minister of Advanced Education having undergone a quality assessment process and been found to meet the criteria established by the minister. Nevertheless, prospective students are responsible for satisfying themselves that the program and the degree will be appropriate to their needs (for example, acceptable to potential employers, professional licensing bodies, or other educational institutions).

*A Student Quarterly Fee is required for all programs, which includes: student activity fee, archiving fee, career services, counseling resources and referrals, learning resources, technology, lab maintenance, housing assistance, student clubs, festivals, competitions, part-time employment assistance, portfolio shows, alumni services, and other related services and activities.
For students in culinary programs, this Student Quarterly Fee, in addition to all services mentioned above, also includes food and dining lab charges. Services, activities and resources are subject to change without notice and some activities may have additional charges. Student quarterly fees are non-refundable as of the first day of the quarter. Culinary students registered in six (6) credits or less will receive a reduction of $300 to the quarterly fee. Students who are only registered in online courses are not required to pay the quarterly fee.

Quarterly Fees Culinary: $525 | Quarterly Fees All Other Programs: $215

Domestic International
3D Modeling for Video Games $8,000 $8,000
Interior Design $8,820 $8,820
Fashion Marketing - Buyer's Profile $8,000 $8,000
Fashion Styling $8,000 $8,000
Graphic Design - Branding $11,080 $11,080
Event Planning and Management $5,960 $5,960
Executive Assistant

Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant

Other Applicable Fees for E-Learning programs
Admin Fee: $180 | Registration Fee: $50 | Assessment Fee: $100


Tuition for each quarter is due within 30 days of the first day of class. A student may not register for any academic quarter unless all tuition and fees due have been paid, or unless the student has made arrangements for an approved alternative payment plan.

LaSalle College Vancouver may extend your credit during periods when financial aid application materials are in process and/or provide you with the convenience of paying your Balance of Costs through periodic payments. Should you withdraw from the program for any reason prior to the disbursement of financial aid funds, you are responsible for any account balance remaining. LaSalle College Vancouver reserves the right to withdraw extension of credit for any reason of non-payment or default of such payments. Non-payment of account to LaSalle College Vancouver may result in additional collection costs to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.

LaSalle College Vancouver will charge a $15 service charge on all N.S.F. cheques.
No transcripts, certificates or diplomas will be given to any student until tuition fees (and any other monies owing to LaSalle College Vancouver) are paid in full.