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Certificate in Culinary Arts

Certificate | Certificate in Culinary Arts

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The Culinary Arts Level 1 curriculum is broad and addresses the fundamental concepts of basic cookery, while training covers a diverse range of topics, from kitchen operations and nutrition to knife skills and hygiene. Culinary Arts Level 1 can be taken independently as a Certificate program or transfer credits to the one-year Diploma. Rigorous hands-on kitchen work teaches students cooking techniques, preparation, ingredients, cooking theories and presentation. Chef instructors combine classical principles and modern trends in the classroom and the kitchen portion of the program.

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Chef Atifa Prinsloo

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Meet Chef Atifa Prinsloo, from the faculty of Culinary Arts.

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Meet Juries Angel Rasos, graduate of LCV's Culinary Arts diploma program.


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This program consists of 30 credits over 2 quarters.


Over two quarters, students prepare, taste, serve, and evaluate a wide range of dishes to provide them with insight into the scope of the culinary world. Our Chef instructors help students expand on their basic cookery skills by teaching the principles behind menu development, cost control, pricing, professional standards of performance, guest relations, and communication skills. As always, students continually return to the kitchen to practice new techniques.

At this level of the program, students also have the opportunity to receive an introduction to the pastry arts, where they learn the basics of fine dessert and pastry-making. These skills are then complemented by instruction in creative decoration and plating skills. Specialized instruction is also given in Asian cuisine, where emphasis placed on India, the four regions of China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

  • Fundamentals of Classical Techniques
  • Concepts and Theories of Culinary Techniques
  • Sanitation and Safety
  • Management, Supervision & Career Development
  • North American Regional Cuisine
  • Introduction to Baking
  • Purchasing and Product Identification
  • World Cuisine
  • Hands-on training by industry experts
  • Innovative instruction in a state-of-the-art environment
  • Program requires a culinary kit

Students wishing to continue their education and training can transfer their credits towards completion of the Culinary Arts diploma program.

  • Knife skills and the specifics of ingredient functions, weights and measures, mise en place, timelines, plate presentation, and teamwork.
  • To prepare, taste, serve, and evaluate modern, classical, international, Asian and North American regional cuisine.
  • Concepts and theories of culinary techniques, food and environmental sanitation and safety.

Students directly out of high school, or mature students who are ready for a career change. or to build on the ability they have.

  • Creatives who enjoy cooking and working in the kitchen
  • Eager to learn new skills related to baking and design
  • Those who value merging creative endeavours with practical applications for an exciting career

As students progress through the program, they have the opportunity to learn about modern, regional, and classical cuisines and practice making their own culinary creations in our instructional kitchens. Successful completion of the program prepares graduates to seek entry-level jobs in the food service industry such as prep cook, line cook, and first cook.