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Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design

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Bachelor | Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design

Tailor-Make Your Future in Fashion

LaSalle College Vancouver is one of only a handful of schools in Canada to offer a Bachelor of Fashion Design Degree. Steeped in a teaching model that goes back to LaSalle College’s roots in Montréal, Canada’s fashion capital, students learn from top industry insiders the skills and training needed to build a successful career in the dynamic world of fashion. Students study the fundamentals of fashion design, including tailoring, flat pattern drafting, draping, textiles and computer pattern drafting.

The program focuses on sustainable design principles and provides the opportunity for students to take part in a practicum component – giving them the chance to work directly in the industry. Along with teaching the fundamentals and advanced technical skills, the degree program includes an element around business development and digital expertise in an evolving industry. Fashion design students who have a diploma can transfer their credits and finish their degree in as little time as a year.

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Shainin Fashion Faculty

Meet our experienced faculty

Meet Shainin Hudda, from our Fashion Design & Fashion Marketing faculty.

Portfolio Requirements

What makes a great portfolio?

Check out this video to learn what you need to create your portfolio for the Bachelor of Fashion Design Degree.


New campus opening in 2024

LaSalle College Vancouver will be moving into a new purpose-built education centre that puts technology, active learning, and social engagement at the forefront.

This program consists of 180 credits over 12 quarters.

Our specific objectives are to provide students the following:

  • An opportunity to acquire a Bachelor of Design degree in Fashion Design in a program emphasizing strong theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • A hands-on, learning-centred educational environment that supports and enhances students’ professional and academic development as designers
  • Access to appropriately credentialed faculty with extensive industry experience
  • Opportunities to influence and lead design innovations within a dynamic, evolving field.

The Bachelor of Fashion Design program offers students the ability to transform design ideas into saleable garments and accessories, develop costuming for movies and television, gain hands-on work experience, sustainable principles, and knowledge of the business side of the fashion industry.

The design segment of the program helps students develop skills in garments construction and design including tailoring, flat pattern drafting and draping, computer pattern drafting and grading to provide a solid foundation in the fundamentals of apparel engineering. In addition, marketing courses enable students to develop, analyze and implement effective market strategies.

  • Opportunities to participate in fashion shows and photo shoots
  • Hands-on learning from instructors in the field
  • Access to faculty with extensive industry experience
  • Learn on current industry technology
  • Students develop a portfolio of their design work

LaSalle College Vancouver shows students how to take fashion from concept to consumer, helping launch students into the creatively inspiring, global fashion industry. The Bachelor of Fashion Design Degree provides students the technical skills and artistic sensibility to succeed in fashion. 

During the last year of the program students will complete a practicum. The purpose of the practicum is to integrate learning with real life experience in the fashion or creative industries and to develop a more professional and autonomous graduate who is fashion-savvy and equipped to enter the field of fashion.

Bachelor’s Degree

This Degree is offered under the written consent of the Minister of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.

  • Drawing
  • Fashion & Creative Industries
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Drafting I
  • Sewing I
  • Rhetoric and Composition
  • Textile Science
  • Fundamentals of Fashion Design
  • Drafting and Sewing II
  • Academic Writing
  • Portfolio Development
  • Concept Development in Fashion
  • 3D Exploration Draping I
  • Computer Applications
  • Survey of Art and Civilization
  • History of Fashion
  • 3D Exploration Draping II
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Critical Thinking
  • Liberal Studies Elective I
  • Cultural Theory
  • Fundamentals of Sustainable Design
  • Women’s Tailoring
  • Research Methods
  • Liberal Studies Elective II
  • Trend Analysis & Forecasting
  • Product Development
  • Business Communications
  • Textile Manipulation
  • Costuming for Film, TV & Stage
  • Computer-Aided Drafting
  • Creative Design and Management
  • Field Research
  • Advanced Textiles & Technologies
  • Technical Design for Fashion
  • Pattern Grading and CAD
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Practicum Preparation
  • Responsible Innovative Design
  • Product & Quality Management
  • Brand Management Practicum
  • Menswear
  • Capstone Collection I: Ideation
  • Global Sourcing and Trade
  • Liberal Studies Globalization and Cultural Differences
  • Liberal Studies Elective III
  • Professional Development
  • Styling and Promotion
  • Capstone Collection II: Realization
  • Entrepreneurship
  • To turn design ideas into garments and accessories.
  • Knowledge and skills required to work with a wide range of emerging technologies available in the industry. Students also learn to use such technology to formulate fashion design, production and business solutions, and to collaborate with geographically distributed teams.
  • To implement design strategies that exemplify the role of the designer as capable of seeing ways of shifting towards more resilient and responsible (ecological, social, political) modes of design, production and end use.
  • To critically assess decisions from raw materials through to management of post-consumer goods.
  • An understanding of the business side of the fashion industry.
  • To develop, analyze and implement proven marketing strategies.
  • Students directly out of high school, or mature students who are ready for a career change or to build on the skills they have.
  • Students who have already completed a certificate or diploma in Fashion Design and wish to further their studies in Fashion.
  • Those with an interest in fashion
  • Eager to be challenged and inspired
  • Creatives with a sense of style

Degree graduates work in the fashion business as designers, production assistants, pattern makers, retail and fashion house managers, visual merchandisers, stylists and brand buyers. Some have launched their own fashion label, while others have found rewarding careers working with well-established brands. Others have found work as stylists or in the costume department of major film and television productions. Graduates have also entered the fast-paced world of buying, marketing and fashion PR.

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