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Future Students

Academic Excellence Award

New students in our on-campus diploma and bachelor degree programs who have achieved excellence in an academic discipline in their high school coursework or in their most recent academic year of post-secondary study are eligible to receive an academic scholarship recognizing that work. Applicants who have achieved excellence in an artistic discipline are encouraged to apply for a LCV Talent Scholarship.


  • Any new student, LCV graduate/alumni entering a new program and current LCV students whohave completed a diploma program and are accepted into a degree program.
  • Applicants must have been accepted into the program.
President's Scholarship Dean's Scholarship

Admissions Average Requirement

90.0% - 100% 80.0% - 89.9%
Term Grade Point Average 3.75 - 4.00 GPA 3.20 - 3.74 GPA
Award Amount per Credit Up to $90/credit Up to $50/credit

*Additional terms and conditions may apply. See application form for full eligibility details.