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Leadership Scholarship

LaSalle College Vancouver and LaSalle College Vancouver High School are interested in identifying and rewarding applicants who have demonstrated leadership skills and bring these to our campus. Leadership can come in different forms (through civic engagement, community service, global citizenship initiatives, social influencing, etc.) but it is driven by a commitment and passion to serve and impact people and processes. Please detail your leadership work, why you engage in this work, the communities served, and the impacts you have seen. We are offering scholarships worth up to 20% of the annual, full-time tuition to new students in our diploma, degree, and high school programs.

* E-Learning Diplomas and the Associate of Arts degree are not eligible for scholarships.

  • Game Design and VFX
  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Fashion
  • Audio and Film
  • Culinary


The Athletic Scholarship is open to any new domestic student. Students must be accepted into their program of study prior to applying for a scholarship and must provide a completed scholarship application form and a portfolio for assessment.

*Additional terms and conditions may apply. See application form for full eligibility details.