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Our Advantages

Why LaSalle College Vancouver High School?

We take pride in our unique culture. Once you enter the school, you will notice the distinct air of creativity, diversity and fun. Our modern curriculum provides a comprehensive education that fosters self-expression, creativity, critical thinking and a sense of community in an accelerated format.

Education beyond compare - Fantastic Facilities

Conscious of offering an ultramodern environment of excellence, LaSalle College Vancouver High School offers its students complementary facilities to foster high-calibre secondary school training. With over 80,000 square feet of space offering more than seven different programs in the creative field, students will experience the breadth of knowledge and hands-on learning needed for success.

Student Support

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have the services (counsellors, academic team and educational staff) to ensure that every student at  LaSalle College Vancouver High School will receive premium care and attention. The staff at LaSalle College Vancouver High School provide a personally tailored Student Educational Plan for each student, and on the road to graduation, there is support with not only what courses to take but leadership skills, volunteer opportunities and skills that make the transition into post-secondary life much easier. We know that relationships are critical to our students' success, both during their high school years and beyond graduation.

Outstanding Curriculum

Outstanding Curriculum 
Not only are the teachers at LaSalle College Vancouver High School exceptional in their field, but our broad, rigorous and forward-looking curriculum also ensures student success. All programs are in English and include educational experiences and opportunities that enable students to become well-rounded individuals. The enthusiastic and devoted teaching staff provide practical experience, hands-on learning, and collaboration to meet the needs of every student. Through critical thinking, problem-solving and inquiry, students at LaSalle College Vancouver High School will develop knowledge and skills for conceptual understanding. 

Our small class-sizes ensure learning opportunities are enhanced and allow for extensive faculty-student interaction. 
The electives offered to our students are diverse and exciting, and range from culinary, animation, film, fashion, textiles and more.