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University Preparation

All students at LaSalle College Vancouver High School will take courses, programs and leadership initiatives to gain a competative edge into university. Our expert counsellors will guide the way to educational success.

Academic advising: designed to help you pick your courses and identify short- and long-term goals.

Initial support services:
a contact will help you navigate the system and get the information you need.

guidance and support to make you feel more comfortable and confident at LaSalle College Vancouver High School.

student for a day

English Advancement Placement

The five-level EAP program will enable students to enhance their English language skills and proceed into the High School academic stream with ease. 

Small class sizes, differentiated instruction and continual feedback will allow students to be successful and accomplish their high school graduation goals. Depending on their ability, students may need to spend up to four terms in the EAP program. An entrance exam will determine where students start, and an educational plan will be devised to transition you into the high school with confidence.

Preparation for Academics

This program is offered to all new students entering our academic stream. You will receive hands-on experience, which will cultivate your learning in the major academic courses needed for graduation (Math, Science, English and Socials). All students are encouraged to enter these programs to get their hands wet, develop their leadership skills and learn vocabulary, structures and study skills needed for success.

Flexible, Accelerated Programs

Our semester system gives students the flexible schedule needed to graduate by offering admission in September, January, and April. This accelerated program provides four blocks of educational learning in each semester – with opportunities to travel in the summer months if that is your desire and still be on track with your peers.

Our terms

Session Date Courses
Fall 2021 Trimester September 17-December 17, 2021 4
Winter 2022 Trimester   January 4 - March 30, 2022 4
Spring 2022 Trimester April 4 - June 30, 2022 4
Summer Session July 4 - August 12, 2022  0-2


To deliver highest quality education, we offer various elective courses to suit the needs of our students. This allows us to create a unique educational experience as the students will be surrounded by like-minded, yet diversified, people.

Offer opportunity to grow

We provide support and guidance for our students to be successful in further education at a high school or university.

Teachers are the key

We fully invest in our teaching staff at LaSalle College Vancouver High School and understand how crucial they are to our students’ success.

We understand that the teacher is primarily the key to students’ success. With this in mind, out teachers pay close attention to each individual student, ensuring their learning needs and goals are met.

Offer small classes

We believe when it comes to class size "less is more." With classrooms equipped for just 15 students, our teachers offer assistance and devote their time to meeting each student's needs, ensuring students feel they can talk, ask questions and be engaged learners.