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Our Staff

Inspiring Excellence in Education

Our staff-building principals are based on strength, knowledge and ensuring student success.

From our experienced team of counsellors and university preparation department to the in-class educators offering a variety of hands-on, student-based, inquiry learning experiences, you can expect to get the best educational platform.

We are here 24/7 to aid students in their educational journey. From your first interview through to graduation, you will have a personal counsellor to ensure your success in any path you choose.

Message from the Principal

Paul Cohee, High School Principal

Welcome to LaSalle College Vancouver High School! LCV High School is uniquely positioned to offer a world-class Canadian education within a state-of-the-art award-winning design college. Our faculty are driven by the curiosity of our students, and will challenge each learner to think deeply, broadly, and creatively throughout every course. Content rich and inquiry-based instruction will be shaped by the intentional integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics between courses and grade levels. In addition to students earning their British Columbia Dogwood Diploma, many will be invited to explore extraordinary college pathway courses that will serve as dual credit for high school graduation and LaSalle College courses.

Our commitment to exploring student potential extends well beyond the classroom, where BC Teachers, college advisors and staff will nurture, guide, and challenge students along their individual journey. While each student is unique, they are not alone and will benefit from extensive collaborative opportunities throughout the college as they build their personal, academic and career portfolios.

Meet our Teachers

Helen Chambers
High School Teacher, Humanities

Educational Philosophy

Ms. Chambers is excited to deliver the Modern B.C. Curriculum in English Language Arts and Social Studies at LCV High School. In her teaching, she aims to facilitate optimal student success by designing a varied range of student-centred learning activities, which provide scaffold and/or challenge to meet each individual student’s needs. Ms. Chambers is a creative and reflective practitioner who enjoys exploring new material and finding out about students’ interests, and how these can be incorporated into classroom learning. She likes to take advantage of opportunities to extend learning outside the classroom by arranging relevant excursions, and believes that building an understanding of the real-life applications of learning is important, but also that learning for its own sake can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Ms. Chambers studied Classics and completed her teacher training at Cambridge University in England. Prior to immigrating into B.C. in 2015 she taught and led teachers in Classics in several high performing independent schools in England over an 8-year period. She is delighted to have qualified to teach here in B.C. and has continued her own ongoing learning by recently completing courses in Business Administration and Adult Learning. Over the coming few years, alongside teaching at LCV High School, her intent is to complete a Master’s degree in Education. In her spare time, Ms. Chambers enjoys reading, hanging out with family and participating in the many outdoor activities Vancouver has to offer.

Andy Tseng
High School Teacher, Mathematics & Science

Educational Philosophy

Mr. Tseng values every student’s uniqueness and believes that inspiring their imagination is just as important as leading them towards academic success. He strongly believes in helping students unlock their creativity and innovation, strengthening their mindset on the importance of education. He is known as a compassionate, enthusiastic, and diligent educator, whose lessons are fun and engaging. Mr. Tseng values responsible and respectful behaviour from students, which truly enhances their experiences together inside and outside of the classroom and propels their journey towards a meaningful and joyful life. Mr. Tseng is a life-long mentor who will be there to support the students in their journey.


Mr. Tseng was born in Taiwan and moved to Vancouver in 1994 when he was nine years old. He completed his education in Vancouver with a Bachelor of Science at Simon Fraser University, Bachelor of Education at the University of British Columbia (UBC), and his BC Teaching Certification from UBC in 2007. Mr. Tseng enjoys teaching a variety of subjects, although his favorites are Pre-Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and other general sciences. He has thoroughly enjoyed his 12+ years in education as a tutor and teacher and is thrilled to be joining LCV High School to help make great things happen.