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Bachelor of Applied Design in Interior Design

Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor | Bachelor of Applied Design in Interior Design

Make Design Your Life’s Work

There has never been a time when interior designers were more sought after or regarded. From residential to commercial design, more and more are opting for the trained eye of a skilled expert who has studied the craft. There is much more that goes into interior design than having an eye for design; it’s about understanding various concepts about space, along with knowing the latest software.

The Bachelor of Applied Design in Interior Design provides a well-rounded curriculum strengthened with courses designed to prepare graduates to meet the current demands of the profession with the same equipment, software and technology used in the industry. The program explores universal design, human factors, environmental and sustainable design, and business aspects of the profession. Graduates develop the technical and creative skills to design interior spaces that meet demanding requirements, not just aesthetically, but also related to safety, accessibility and sustainability.

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New campus opening in 2024

LaSalle College Vancouver will be moving into a new purpose-built education centre that puts technology, active learning, and social engagement at the forefront.

This program consists of 180 quarter credits over 12 quarters (equivalent to 120-semester credits). The accelerated nature of this applied program allows LCV students to obtain their Bachelor of Applied Design in Interior Design degree in 3 years. Students who follow the accelerated program framework may benefit from reduced living expenses and entering the profession earlier. Other benefits of the accelerated programs include increased motivation and higher academic performance by avoiding summer learning loss. 
Students do have the opportunity to extend the degree into four years with some flexibility around course load, based on a reduced number of classes each quarter, taking one or more quarters off with the written permission of the Academic Director, or by enrolling into the programs unique CO-OP year.

Bachelor's Degree - Bachelor of Applied Design in Interior Design

This Degree is offered under the written consent of the Minister of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.

This program does not require approval by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB).

Our specific objectives are to provide students the following:

  • An opportunity to acquire a Bachelor of Applied Design degree in Interior Design in a program emphasizing strong theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • A hands-on, learning-centred educational environment that supports and enhances students’ professional and academic development as designers.
  • Targeted preparation and training allowing graduates to seek entry-level employment within the design field.
  • Access to appropriately credentialed faculty with extensive industry experience.
  • Opportunities to influence and lead design innovations within a dynamic, evolving field.


  • Solve complex interior design problems using the design process and their knowledge of principles, theories, and applications in analyzing client profiles and project program requirements, both individually and collaboratively.
  • Provide interior design services using effective oral, written, and visual communication employing a variety of means, methods, and technologies in both 2- and 3-dimensions.
  • Produce interior design solutions that constructively integrate with available building, environmental, and property management systems, as well as prevailing codes and standards of use, maintenance, and sustainability.
  • Specify and apply prevailing standards of use, maintenance, sustainability, regulatory compliance, and aesthetics to their solutions and finish materials.
  • Provide professional services based on their body of knowledge with a standard of care that meets both client needs and protects the health, safety, and welfare of the public in an ethical and legal manner


There are more related to our liberal arts educations as well. 

  • Drawing
  • Fundamentals of Design
  • Colour Theory
  • Basic Drafting
  • Design Basics 3D
  • Introduction to Interior Design
  • Perspective
  • History of Architecture, Interiors and Furniture
  • Rendering and Illustration
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Programming & Space Planning
  • Textiles
  • Lighting
  • Residential Design
  • Human Factors and Psychology of Design
  • Materials and Resources
  • Advanced Computer-Aided Design
  • Corporate Design
  • Project Management
  • Codes/Barrier Free Design
  • 3D Digital Modeling
  • 3D Digital Rendering
  • Professional Practices
  • Interior & Architectural Detailing
  • Environmental Design
  • Residential Design II
  • Building Systems and Materials
  • Commercial Design
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Internship for Interior Design I
  • Internship for Interior Design II
  • Senior Project I
  • Portfolio Preparation
  • Senior Project II
  • Construction Documents
  • Commercial Design II
  • Portfolio
  • Interior Design Elective 1

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LCV adopts active learning and student-centered methodologies to keep students positively engaged in experiential learning activities that prepare them for their employment and industry responsibilities. Specific classroom activities may consist of but are not limited to, demonstrations and lectures, presentations, discussions, cooperative learning activities, inquiry-based learning, and project work that is done at the individual, pair, and/or group level. Some classes may adopt blended learning instruction and flipped classroom methodologies. 

Courses are arranged in a series of content streams: Design Studio, Technical, Tools, Experiential, and Liberal Studies. Courses within these streams were developed to compliment each other, facilitate discovery, promote academic scaffolding, and create opportunities for knowledge application. 

A full list of courses and course descriptions can be found in our: Program Outline

Students directly out of high school, mature students who are ready for a career change, or students seeking a transfer from other post-secondary institutions. Although our student body is diverse in their background, they all have one thing in common. They all enjoy solving spatial and aesthetic problems. Our students come to us with little to no experience in interior design. Upon graduation, they mature into well-informed and well-equipped designers, ready to tackle real-world interior design problems. 

Graduates of the Bachelor of Applied Design in Interior Design program move on to rewarding careers in the interior design profession, practicing in interior design and/or architectural design studios.  Many of our graduates have progressed their careers by becoming senior interior designers, associates, and even principals. Others have started their own award-winning interior design firms.  Alumni success stories can be found here: Alumni


LCV is a Decorators & Designers Association (DDA) recognized institution and one of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) affiliated schools in Canada.


LCV is in the process of applying for CIDA Candidacy Status. Stay tuned for more updates.

LaSalle College Vancouver (LCV) has an official Pathway Agreement in place with Pacific Design Academy (PDA)Through this agreement, students with a completed two-year PDA Interior Design Diploma can receive credits towards the Bachelor of Applied Design in Interior Design degree program offered at LCV. This pathway provides PDA students with an exciting opportunity to further their studies in the field of Interior Design.