Alumni contributed to Oscar-winning VFX teams
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Our alumni contribute to Oscar-winning and nominated VFX teams

March 5, 2018

Congratulations to LCV Alumni, who worked on the Oscar-winning VFX team at Double Negative for Blade Runner 2049.

That makes six years in a row that LaSalle College Vancouver alumni have contributed to Oscar-winning VFX teams!  Our alumni had strong representation at this years Oscars. In fact we had alumni represent on five of the six nominated films including: Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Kong: Skull Island, and Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2.

2018 winner for Best Visual Effects - Blade Runner 2049


Fitra Nagara 3D Modelling for Animation and Games 2010

Irene Co Professional Recording Arts 2009

Nicole Perrier  Animation Art and Design 2009

Goby Chou Animation Art and Design 2006 

2017 winner for Best Visual Effects - Jungle Book


Peter Dudley, Compositor - VFX 2007

2016 winner for Best Visual Effects - Ex Machina


Michael Rannalleta, Lead Compositor - VFX 2004

2015 winner for Best Visual Effects - Interstellar 


Zeljo Barcan, Senior FX Technical Director - VFX 2003

2014 winner for Best Visual Effects - Gravity 


Marcus Goodwin, VFX Line Producer – DFV 2003

Dioni Zhong, Pipeline Technical Director – GAD 2003

2013 winner for Best Visual Effects - Life of Pi 


Martin Halle, Senior FX TD – VFX 2001 (CDIS)

Devan Mussato, Senior Rigger – VFX 2004

Sal Malik, Lighting Technical Director – GAD 2005

Chris Ainsworth, Animator – AAD 2008

Blair Brownlee, Production Coordinator – DFV 2009

Steve Au, Senior FX Technical Director – VFX 2005

Stu MacRae, Senior Compositor – VFX 2002

Goby Chou, FX Technical Director – MAG 2006

Chris Van Dyck, Senior Compositor – VFX 2003

Mitchell Bederman, Music Editor – PRA 2010

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