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Our VFX Alumni Contribute to Avengers: Infinity War

May 3, 2018

Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War Breaks Box Office Records and LaSalle College Vancouver Alumni

Last weekends box office records were shattered with the new Marvel Studio's film. The VFX for this film were created at a number of studios including Digital Domain, Cinesite, and Industrial Light & Magic. All three of these studios employee our alumni which were a part of this enormous project.

Congratulations to the following alumni for your contribution to this film:

Adam Bacon, 2014

Jordan Brookes, 2011

Daniel Broverman, 2007

Chris Hogstead, 2009

Gabriel Mandala, 2007

Brian Zheng, 2003

Luke Botterton, 2006

Alvin Roxas, 2009

Marco Cantaluppi, 2004

© Marvel Studios

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