Alumni wins Leo Awards 2017 | Best VFX Motion Picture
Spotlight on Alumni

Alumni wins Leo Awards 2017 | Best VFX Motion Picture

June 22, 2017

Congratulations to our alumni Chris Van Dyck for winning the Leo Awards 2017 | Best Visual Effects Motion Picture with short drama “LAVENDER”!


The Leo Awards, founded by the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Foundation of British Columbia in 1999 are the awards program for the BC film and television industry. The BC film and television industry provides more than 15,000 jobs and generates more than $1 billion in economic activity each year, making the industry an integral one to the economic and social vitality of BC. The Leos were established to provide support and recognition for the work of film and television producers, writers, directors, performers and others.


Chris Van Dyck is a Vancouver-based VFX and Compositing supervisor in the commercial, film, and television industry. Chris graduated from The Art Institute of Vancouver in 2003 and went on a very impressive career path. He has worked at some of the top studios around the world and contribute to numerous major films and TV shows including: Game of Throns Season 4, The Hobbit Trilogy, Warcraft, Thor 2, Life of Pi, Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Ironman, just to name a few.

Chris has also conducted lectures for the VES, Siggraph, and the Art Institute, been published by Digital Fusion on the topic of Digital Compositing, published by Siggraph on the film industry in Vancouver. He is currently excited to grow a small and talented crew to consistently and professionally deliver the highest quality in VFX.