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Our alumni who contributed to Oscar-winning VFX teams

March 7, 2017

Congratulations to graduate Peter Dudley, who worked on the Oscar-winning VFX team at MPC for The Jungle Book.

That makes five years in a row that LaSalle College Vancouver alumni have contributed to Oscar-winning VFX teams!
Peter joins Michael Rannalleta, 2004, who was Lead Compositor on last year’s Oscar-winning VFX team at Double Negative for the film Ex Machina. Zeljko Barcan, 2003, worked as Senior FX Technical Director at Double Negative UK on 2015’s winner for Best Visual Effects, Interstellar.

2014’s winner for Best Visual Effects, the film Gravity, had the following alumni work on it:

-          Marcus Goodwin, VFX Line Producer – DFV 2003

-          Dioni Zhong, Pipeline Technical Director – GAD 2003

The 2013 winner, Life of Pi, had the following alumni:

-          Martin Halle, Senior FX TD – VFX 2001 (CDIS)

-          Devan Mussato, Senior Rigger – VFX 2004

-          Sal Malik, Lighting Technical Director – GAD 2005

-          Chris Ainsworth, Animator – AAD 2008

-          Blair Brownlee, Production Coordinator – DFV 2009

-          Steve Au, Senior FX Technical Director – VFX 2005

-          Stu MacRae, Senior Compositor – VFX 2002

-          Goby Chou, FX Technical Director – MAG 2006

-          Chris Van Dyck, Senior Compositor – VFX 2003

-          Mitchell Bederman, Music Editor – PRA 2010

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