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Environment Building and Scene Creation

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December 6, 2016

When it comes to 2D/3D Animation, many people think of the characters in animations first. But did you know? For an animation to be successful and for the characters to be brought to live, the environment and scene creation is really what ties the entire stories together. Without appropriate animation environment and architecture supporting the characters’ actions, the story wouldn’t be convincing at all. There is a huge amount of effort involved in the environment and scene creation in 2D/3D Animation. A good comparison would be the importance of cinematography to a great movie.  

Credit: 2D/3D Animation student | Ranaichanok Pear Teerawathanapan | Environment and Scene Creation – Modelling and Texturing

This is what LCV’s third-semester animation class is learning right now. Not only do they learn how to create the background, they also need to pay attention to the foreground, the angles and perspectives, the different texture of every object and its reflections, etc. Lets not forget about lighting and art directions! With the introduction to the industry leading software - Maya, our students practice how to create 3D Modeling and Texturing. In the example image above. The student also rendered her work with Maya – to create Mental Ray and HDR (image based lighting). 

Interesting, right!!? We learn something everyday!

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