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Grads Play Key Roles in “Batman v Superman”

March 24, 2016

On March 25, 2016 the world will learn which superhero wins in an epic battle between Batman and Superman. The film “Batman v Superman” is expected to open to record ticket sales—sales that could make even the brooding Batman break a smile.

We are excited to announce that graduates from The Art Institute of Vancouver helped to create this exciting film. Congratulations to our graduates on this accomplishment and we look forward to seeing your names in the movie credits:

Wesley Chandler, 2008, Animation Art & Design Diploma

Role: Lead Animator

Tommy Cheng, 2004, Classical Animation Diploma

Role: Animator

Alex Ouzande, 2008, Visual FX for Film & Television Diploma

Role: Senior FX Techical Director

Salman Rizvi, 2011, Visual FX for Film & Television Diploma

Role: Layout Artist

Megan Wong, 2010, Digital Film & Video Diploma

Role: Show Production Coordinator

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