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November 18, 2016

When it comes to Jewellery Design, the image pops into most people's mind is Metalwork and luxurious stones. But there is more than just that! For instance, Beading is also one unique and popular component in modern Jewellery design. Because of it's flexibility, unlimited colour combinations and the variety of materials that could be used, many designers adore Jewellry pieces that incorporated Beading. Many of our students have also successfully combined both Metalwork and Beading to create their one-of-a-kind Jewellery collections.

Here is a great article written by our Jewellery Design instructor - Ange Adair. Let her introduce you to a world of Jewellery design, full of creativity and possibility, with Beading!

Designer: Afrouz Avani, Beading + Metalwork III, Final Collection, Summer 2016 | Photography: Fedor Dubiley 

In the second-last week of the year-long Jewellery Design  program at LaSalle College in Vancouver, students have the workshop hopping and humming with the noise of polishing machines, torches and files. Those already finished their work are stretched out in a well-deserved repose, exchanging ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ over the final work as it makes its’ way to the table. As a jewellery instructor at LCIV since 2006, nothing is more gratifying than this moment. One year ago, a group of (mostly) brand-new beginners sat in our brightly-lit workshop in Yaletown and, one by one, expressed the goal and desire to be “original”. Our program, mindfully cultivated by a passionate group of multi-media jewelry artists, is intended to pull students out of the box, and to cater to unlimited personal expression. 

Left | Sarah Bradner, Beading II Original Design | Photograpy: Ange Adair             
Right | Designer: Kim Yujin, Original design, Beading I | Photograpy: Ange Adair     

The Beading I, II & III courses in the Jewelry Diploma program are unique and exclusive to LCIV. Beading I immerses students into the world of findings and jewelry elements, working with colorful and luminescent materials, and practicing numerous techniques using tools and skills using hands. Throughout the program, students use social media sites to gain awareness of other designers. Online references are both a tool to learn from and a frame of reference for “originality”. Free, creative expression is balanced with strict craftsmanship rubrics in order to develop an eye for detail and professional finishing of jewelry work. Students submit a series of original work as well as a final project, in which they recreate a piece of jewelry using only a photo reference and the skills learned in the course. 

Beading I & II Final Projects, Summer 2016 | Photography: Ange Adair

Beading II delves into bead weaving, a fusion of ancient and modern techniques with endless application of design, colour and elements. Students first learn the weaves individually, as each technique lends to a specific texture, geometry and structural integrity. As usual, the overall aim is ingenuity; using online sources to both provide inspiration and gauge originality, students learn to design their own patterns rather than simply following the instructions from YouTube or a book. Once again, as a final project, students are presented with an advanced bead weaving image that they must recreate in their own choice of colours and elements.

The Beading III course is an opportunity for students to combine skills from the Metalwork, Multi-media, Illustration and Marketing and with the concepts and techniques they have learned from the two previous Beading courses. Students propose their idea for a final collection of 5 pieces of jewelry, and work throughout the term to see their vision through. We collaborate with volunteer models and gracious photographers from the Graphic Arts program for a final photo shoot. This year, the talented Fedor Dubiley (from Russia) gave us a professional experience and superbly-finished photos. The graduating students this Summer 2016 term represent 6 countries from around the globe: Canada, Colombia, Japan, Iran, Lebanon and South Korea. Each student has delivered a collection worthy of a professional jewelry design portfolio, and demonstrates their unique talent and individual style. As the bar is raised higher every term, we eagerly anticipate what is coming next out of the Jewelry Design program at LaSalle College in Vancouver.

Houssam Abouelnasr, Beading + Metalwork III, Final Collection, Summer 2016 | Photography: Fedor Dubiley

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