The students of LCV, conquer the world of Steam

The students of LCV, conquer the world of Steam

July 17, 2023

LCV is proud to announce the incredible achievement of the team who has successfully developed and launched Chimera Island, a captivating and innovative game showcasing our student's leadership, teamwork, and technical skills.

Chimera Island was a collaborative effort involving students from game programming, graphic design, UX/UI design, game design, 3D modeling, and sound design. By connecting with colleagues and professors from different programs, the students were able to create a unique and immersive world that highlights their talent and individual strengths. The collaboration not only supported skill development but also provided an opportunity to build strong portfolios for future job placements.

In an interview with the talented Chimera Island team, we gained insights into their roles and the behind-the-scenes of the game development process. Joseph Walden, the producer and lead programmer of the game, emphasized the importance of hard skills learned in class, as well as essential soft skills like leadership, in the successful completion of the project.

Vincent Karlson, the lead character modeler and game designer, played a crucial role in designing and modeling the creatures in the game, bringing them to life and enhancing the overall gaming experience. Jennifer Christie, the illustrator and sprite animator, contributed her artistic talents to create captivating visuals, including the icons for the creatures and the artwork featured on the game's box cover. Graphic designer Risa Iwasaki joined the team to ensure a seamless user experience and visually appealing interface.

For sound design, Brad Frank, a current student, took on the project as part of his final portfolio. He created unique sound effects for each creature and meticulously crafted the audio to enhance the immersive environment of Chimera Island.

The game development process, aligned with the Bachelor of Science in Game Programming program, provided the students with a year-long challenge to concept, create, and produce a game while honing their skills through the complete cycle of classes. The collaboration between game designers, character modelers, and other team members was crucial in ensuring a fun and engaging gaming experience.

The students also highlighted the significance of classes like the Engine class, which helped them understand the architecture and modularity required for long-term projects. The guidance and support from LaSalle College Vancouver's esteemed faculty, including Peter Chan and Craig Lacy, were instrumental in their success.

Chimera Island is a testament to the talent, dedication, and collaboration fostered at LaSalle College Vancouver. The college takes immense pride in its students' achievements and looks forward to seeing their continued success in the industry.

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