Kiss the Summer Goodbye: an Alumni Collaboration
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Kiss the Summer Goodbye: an Alumni Collaboration

September 10, 2020

We are currently in a world without in-person concerts, theatre, and music performances. For creative students at LaSalle College Vancouver this presented as not a challenge, but rather an opportunity.

On August 28th 2020, three alumni from LaSalle College Vancouver's Audio & Film School - MR. DJ, Corban Daniels, and Wallace Ebinuma, put together a grand livestream sound & light show from the school's rooftop.

The three students are graduates of all different diploma programs: Professional Recording Arts, Digital Photography, and Digital Film & Video. When MR. DJ was asked what brought them together since they were all in different programs, he stated,“We all were already a team and being in different programs just helped us to have different perspectives of everything we do. Plus, I would say, it is a perfect team as we have videography, photography, and sound. These 3 things combined can give the best output.”

The show was livestreamed on the LCV YouTube page and has been viewed over 750 times. Since these students have never done a Livestream it was a major learning experience. They understood all aspects of sound, DJ’ing, videography, and photography but putting on a live event they learned that small mistakes could become visible as those viewing are staring at the screen to experience the show.

The three friends and alumni are looking forward to putting their skills together to produce bigger and better events in the future.



Wallace Ebinuma

Credits: MR. DJ, Corban Daniels, Wallace Ebinuma.
Photography by Corban Daniels Photography.

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