LCV & Help Change My City

Help Change My City

November 7, 2019

On Friday, November 1st, students, alumni, and staff at LaSalle College Vancouver, along with members of the community came together to make sandwiches as part of Help Change My City's Eats on the Streets project.

Together they managed to prepare, wrap, box and serve 1,500 sandwiches to the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Each lunch bag also came with colorful drawings and words of inspiration drawn by the volunteers. This was the biggest turnout yet and it was so nice to see so many people from the school and the community come together to help others!

"LCV does so much for Help Change My City but the best thing is that you are showing your students the meaning of the phrase “Give Back”. It doesn’t matter if they are from Vancouver or have come from other countries, this will hopefully be a part of who they become when they graduate and it all starts right at the school with you all leading the way and being the example." - Alpha B. Kirabira, Founder & CEO of Help Change My City Alliance.

Thank you to all volunteers who made this possible this past weekend!


Help Change My City Alliance (HCMC Alliance) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of lasting positive change in the lives of multi-barriered (at risk) or homeless youth within Metro Vancouver. The organization’s mission is to empower young people through mentorship, character building, and advanced skill training. HCMC Alliance is committed to equipping youth with employment skills leading to a better and more sustainable future for themselves. The heart of the organization is to support our youth as friends and family as they begin to stand on their own two feet, overcome life obstacles, an celebrate in their accomplishments. For more information you can also visit Help Change My City's Facebook Page.

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