Eduardo Ramos presents his latest collection at London Fashion Week

Eduardo Ramos presents his latest collection at London Fashion Week

March 8, 2023

Alumni Eduardo Ramos does it again. Making it’s runway debut at London Fashion Week, his most recent collection “Initia Nova” has captured the attention of fashion columnists and trendspotters. The Fashion Design program graduate is no stranger to media praise for how he communicates his edgy design language and atelier quality craftsmanship. Most recently, his work is being featured in prestigious fashion magazines such as Vogue Mexico, Vogue Italia, L'Officiel, Elle Italia, Harper's Bazaar and Stylus, to name a few.

“My inspiration behind this collection is the evolution that we go through as individuals by burning past versions of ourselves and re-emerging from the ashes into a better self. With the Phoenix as my muse, the different stages of its rebirth are brought to life through an exquisite color palette. Gray represents the Ashes, Orange for the early stages in the bird's life, and the fiery red when the creature reaches maturity before combusting to start the cycle again.” Eduardo

Eduardo's showcase at the London Fashion Week was a triumph, impressing industry insiders and drawing positive reviews from fashion critics. As a result, he was quickly noticed by leading fashion publications worldwide.

Vogue Mexico featured Eduardo in a special edition section dedicated to Latin American designers. They described his work as "sophisticated, modern, and passionate." He was also featured in Vogue Italia, which praised him for his combination of "Mexican folklore and contemporary aesthetics."

L'Officiel, a leading French fashion magazine, described Eduardo's collection as "both fascinating and grounded" and highlighted his ability to create intricate pieces that reflect the culture and values of the modern woman.

Elle Italia commented on Eduardo's use of eco-friendly and sustainable materials and applauded his bold and innovative designs, while Stylus focused on his ability to balance beauty with functionality.

Eduardo Ramos's successes are a testament to his skill and quality of work he creates. What began as a passion has become a skillset he’ll continue to use to blaze a trail and impress the industry as a contemporary design leader. At LaSalle College Vancouver this is the outcome we strive to achieve; having our graduates go on to make their mark on the world in their field of choice. We congratulate him on his achievements and can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.

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