COVID-19 Update: FAQ for future students
COVID-19 Update

FAQ for Future Students - Winter 2022

December 21, 2021

Please read carefully this important communication regarding the beginning of your studies.

Will the upcoming Winter quarter take place on campus or online?

LaSalle College Vancouver is looking forward to welcoming our new and continuing students to the winter quarter, beginning January 3rd!

Currently our plan is to deliver our programs primarily on-campus, although there will continue to be some online components within each program. All students are expected to be in Vancouver in time to join us on-campus for the winter start. (Our E-Learning programs are, of course, completely virtual.)

LCV will continue to monitor Public Health guidance regarding COVID-19, and we will inform our learning community of any adjustments to the winter plan; we are prepared to move the majority of our classes online if Public Health deems this necessary. To stay up to date on all actions taken by LCV in regards to COVID-19, we encourage you to consult the News section of our website.

What can we expect when we return to campus this Winter?

  1. Continued vigilance with cleaning protocols.
  2. A full policy on communicable diseases.
  3. Mandatory mask wearing while moving in hallways, etc. Some mask wearing and distancing when required in other spaces, but not required all the time in every space.
  4. Reduced campus access hours throughout the night (open 24 hours near end of term).
  5. Some classes to use technology for blended or online delivery but returning to a strong hands-on/in-person component wherever possible.
  6. Some student experiences to leverage technology for virtual events.
  7. Any in-person events aligned with Public Health Office guidelines.
  8. Some staff to work remotely when their role allows for it.
  9. New student lounge area in the Gallery, and refreshed areas throughout campus.
  10. Many welcoming staff and happy faces!

If I register for the Winter quarter and the pandemic situation worsens, can I postpone my session?

Yes. Your application at LaSalle College Vancouver is still valid. This means that you have the possibility to postpone your starting session at no additional cost. However, please note that not all programs have an intake in all quarters; in some cases, students may need to wait until the next available intake.

Additionally, student safety is a priority for LCV, and we are prepared to offer our programs online wherever possible if required by Public Health, in order to minimize disruption to our students’ study plans.

Is the admissions office still open?

Yes, absolutely. Our Admissions office continues to operate on a regular basis and our admissions advisors are happy to answer any questions you may have. They are available by phone, by email, by text, or in person on campus to assist you with your admission request and to process your application. Please scroll down for contact details.

Are admission requests being processed as normal?

Yes, our admissions advisors continue to process all applications, either remotely or in person, and your admission request will be processed within the usual timeframe. For more information on the steps in the admission process you can consult here.

Is the College still open?

The campus is currently open, and students and faculty have enjoyed a productive, creative, and hands-on quarter throughout the fall.

To stay up to date on all actions taken by LCV regarding COVID-19, we encourage you to consult the News section of our website.

International Students

If I take online courses instead of on-campus, will that affect the Post Graduate Work Permit after graduation?

As this situation continues to change and study/work permits are issued by the Government of Canada, please consult the official government website. Please note that, at this time, LCV expects all students to be present on campus for the Winter quarter.

I am an international student; will my visa application be impacted?

As the Canadian Government is responsible for issuing study permits, please refer to their COVID-19 response page. LCV’s staff is standing by to assist international students with planning for entry into Canada, in accordance with all current COVID-19 protocols, including quarantine, etc.


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