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Class Project - Tailoring a Coat

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January 12, 2017

Lights on LCV’s fashion floor are always on, there is non-stop action in our sewing labs, draping rooms and the student project area. Our fashion design students are always working hard!

One of the final projects in our Fashion Design term three program is tailoring a coat. Students are required to create a coat from scratch: starting with taking measurement for each other, pattern drafting, sewing muslin, choosing the fabric, draping and pressing to numerous fittings. Every single step is customized and tailored to fit, let’s just say, there is a lot of hand sewing (a lot… said our students) 

Left: Term III Final Project - Coat Tailoring |  Right: A set of coat patterns made by fashion design students

In the class, our instructors put a lot of emphasis on conventional pattern drafting. This is a long lasting skill that has been passed down by generations, but it has begun to vanish, thanks to today’s computerized process and production. It is, however crucial that our future designers master this fundamental skill before they learn about computerized pattern drafting.

The ability to create functional patterns is just as important as a designer’s creativity. Regardless how fancy the design is, the garment will fall apart without proper patterns. We often hear form the industry expressing their concerns about how young designers rely too much on computers and blocks (pre-made patterns), and they lack the ability to create their own one-of-a-kind patterns. 

Advancing to the next term (term four), students will need to learn an even more challenge topic - suit tailoring, and really challenge their hand sewing skills.

Building the foundation is the most difficult part, but once you pull through the grind, the end result it’s always rewarding! At the end of these projects, students get to walk home with a custom made coat and suit, fancy, eh?!

Final Project | Fashion Design Term Three Class