Fashion Co-Op

LaSalle College Vancouver Places first Fashion Design Co-Op Student

July 27, 2018

Anna Lisboa graduated with a Diploma in Fashion Design in March 2018. Next week she embarks on a new educational journey as she begins a Fashion Design Co-Op program with Chloe Angus Designs

In this role she will be doing pattern making, sewing, cutting, pattern grading and printings. When asked what she was most looking forward to she stated she is looking forward too many things including enhancing the skills she already has, learning new skills, applying all her knowledge in a real work place, and getting true on the job training.  Anna also said it is her first job, so she is not sure what to expect!

When asked about having the opportunity to work with Chloe Angus, Anna stated that she is so excited because she is a true inspiration. She is inspired by her work with indigenous designers, and she is also excited to work with indigenous prints. At Chloe Angus Designs their goal is to unite people, to encourage an open dialogue, and to celebrate Indigenous culture in Canada.

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