June 2016

Free design workshops highlights

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June 15, 2016

LaSalle College Vancouver holds free design workshops periodically, giving creative individuals opportunities to get a taste of learning from our very best professional instructors, interacting with industry leaders to get inspired. It’s never too late to let your creativity flow!

Here are the highlights of the workshops:

Artistic Makeup - Instructor Vicky demonstrates beauty makeup techniques and shares her tips to the workshop participants. With an extensive products we provide, participants also have a chance to do some hand-on practice with the instructor's assistance.

Fashion Design - In this session, instructor Julia shares her know-hows and secrets in FASHION DRAPING. Participants learn how to work with French lace - one of the most expensive and delicate materials.

Professional Photography - in our photo studio, instructor Alfonso explains the basic of Photography and its current trends. He also demonstrates some hands-on techniques using different lighting equipment and lenses.

Jewellery Design - Instructor Angel explains one of the most important process of Jewellery Design - Orthographic Projection.
He also uses his own ring design to explain how students can get inspiration from all most anything! Can you believe this ring was inspired by a picture of zebra!?

Fashion Merchandising - with her experience over 15 years in high end department stores and retail, instructor Kelly answers an extensive questions from the participants.

Register now at LaSalle College Vancouver in our fall programs: Fashion Design, Professional Photography, Artistic Makeup, Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Jewellery Design. Let us help you MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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