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January 27, 2017

Today, in our Package Design class (Graphic Design program), students had the chance to join a video conference with a large packaging company in Texas, USA.  

The manager from the packaging supply company showcased various different kinds of specialty materials and non-traditional printing techniques used in package design, including some we have never heard of!

Aside from the conventional paper and PVC based package design, we learned about a technique called “Thermal Overlaminates” – they are high-quality, low-temperature films used for graphic-image lamination and encapsulation. They're ideal for protecting and enhancing ink-jet, electrostatic, digital or laser-printed graphics from moisture, dirt, oils and UV light. He also showed many creative ways of using different kinds of printable films such as metalized, holographic, engraved, frensnel lens and tactile & special effects films.

It is very interesting to learn how different printing methods and material can completely change the way you design you package. Package Design is not only on the shallow surface with pretty graphics. There is so much more behind it including construction, durability, weight (effects shipping cost), production and labour, time, environmental awareness, etc. 

We love this kind of extra curriculum being incorporated into our graphic design program. As

students are able to interact with some very knowledgeable people in specialized areas, learn some tips and know-how into real world package design. It also helps them gain experience in dealing with suppliers and others in the industry. 

Thanks to our instructor Janet for setting up this valuable opportunity. We all learned a lot!

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