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January 3, 2017

At the end of each semester, students are assigned to a final project to utilize and review what they have learned over the past four months in class.

In the term one Interior Design class, instructor Fernanda assigned students a mocked interior design project. Each student was assigned a local business or organization in Vancouver as their “client” to develop a new office environment. 

This project involved many stages. A background research on the "client" was conducted in the early stage, with the creation of a  “mood board”. Through this process, the student designers can understand the company culture and its workplace's limit and demand. Most importantly, make sure the end design will be functional and will fit their client’s need.

Left image: Term I Final Project by Hedieh Keshtkar |  Right image: Student Ghazal Ajdari giving her presentation

In the second stage, students worked on the layout of their floor plan. Once the layout was defined they started choosing materials and finishes, which included textiles, colour schemes, etc. After an internal peer review with their classmates, last step towards their presentation is bringing together all the material and creating rendered plans, elevations and other 3D images that communicate the space as per each student's design.

On the last day of class, student “designers” had to present their design in front of the entire class, As if they were presenting directly to their “client”. Students need to learn how to sell the design to their client in a professional manner. After each student’s presentation, two classmates were invited to critique the design and the presentation, then the instructor will give final comments and suggestions. Through this process, not only do students learn from each other, they also practice their public speaking and presentation skills.

We believe that it is very important to help students develop skills that are needed to succeed in both design and in business. Including how to take criticism, answer questions on the spot and experience firsthand pressure from facing a group of potential clients. Our instructors also often share their real life experience in the industry. All to prepare our students for any challenges they might have to overcome in their future workplace.

Great job everyone! We are very impressed with what you have achieved in your first term, and we can’t wait to see what you can show us in the second and third terms.
Final Project Presentation | Interior Design Term One Class Dec 2016   
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