Interior Design Student Saiqa Dazzles the Committee at NEWH Awards

Interior Design Student Saiqa Dazzles the Committee at NEWH Awards

June 21, 2023

LaSalle College Vancouver congratulates Saiqa Javid Shaikh, a bachelor's in interior design student, on winning the NEWH Bermanfalk scholarship for the Vancouver region. This international community connects hospitality industry professionals and strives to provide education, leadership development, recognition of excellence, and business development opportunities. Each year, NEWH awards scholarships of up to $6000 to students who meet the scholarship criteria, and Saiqa was selected as the winner for the Vancouver region.

Saiqa's stunning concept board for The Summit, a reception desk inspired by Vancouver's culture and geography, was her winning entry. With boundless creativity and a passion for pushing boundaries, Saiqa crafts design that leave an indelible mark. She believes design is a medium to evoke emotions, tell stories, and positively impact people's lives.

Winning the scholarship was a significant milestone in her design journey and her path in Vancouver. Saiqa expressed to LCV her gratitude to Seng, her mentor, as well as Sylvia Van Rooyen, Ehsan Vali, Nikki Renshaw, and all her instructors who believed in her and cheered her on throughout this competition.

“Through my program at LaSalle, I have developed a range of important skills that greatly contributed to the success of this project including the ability to tackle large-scale projects effectively. The program equipped me with the knowledge and experience to handle the complexities and demands of designing for hospitality and commercial environments, which require a keen understanding of functionality, aesthetics,and user experience.”– Saiqa Javid Shaikh

LCV and the Interior Design program are proud of Saiqa and her significant achievements. As LaSalle College Vancouver we remain committed to providing students with the education and tools they need to succeed in their chosen paths. Congratulations to Saiqa Javid Shaikh once again for winning the NEWH Bermanfalk scholarship.

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