Interior Design Students win National Competition
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Interior Design Students win National Competition

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January 23, 2019

Last fall design schools across Canada were asked to collaborate with the Swiss brand RADO on a prototype for IDS Vancouver and an installation at IDS Toronto.  They were tasked to design the information booth at IDS Toronto. It was a very proud moment when, after hours of hard work, LaSalle College Vancouver was announced as the winning school.  Three Interior Design students, Nicolas Munaretto, Travis Beyer and Waylon Eigenraam, were announced as the winners of RADO’s Design Offspring Contest.

Last week the three students travelled to Toronto, Ontario to see their winning design brought to life. The fundamental goal of their design was to create a pavilion that is a physical representation of RADO and the principles of Biophilic Design. The LaSalle College Vancouver Design Team discovered a bridge that connects RADO and Biophilic Design through RADO's True Thinline Natural collection. They were inspired by the ways in which RADO fuses the natural environment with a technical, engineered piece, that is the watch. 

Using this collection as their  inspiration, the students designed a pavilion that symbolizes nature and transformation through progression and movement. This Pavilion was housed at the entrance to IDS Toronto, and it served as the Information desk and a place where patrons can escape and recharge.

We want to thank ASTOUND, leaders in design and fabrication for state of the art exhibits and environments around the world. ASTOUND joined the team to build and execute this pavilion and brought it to life at IDS Toronto.

We want to thank  Design Offspring Contest, RADO and IDS for a great opportunity for our students to showcase their talent. A huge congratulations to the LCV team, led by Interior Design Program Director, Fernanda Hannah Suarez along with students Nicolas Munaretto, Travis Beyer and Waylon Eigenraam!

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