Katherine Soucie

Appointed New Fashion Program Director

November 24, 2017

LaSalle College Vancouver (LCV), one of the leading educational institutions in the design industry in B.C., this week announced the appointment of Katherine Soucie as Program Director for the Fashion faculty. LaSalle College Vancouver is a member of the LCI Education network, with 23 campuses around the world.

Katherine has been with LaSalle College Vancouver as a part-time instructor in Fashion Design over the past year. She is an award winning artist and designer who specializes in transforming textile industry waste into new textiles and sculptural forms.

Katherine studied Fashion Design in London and Toronto, Ontario, Canada before furthering her studies in Textiles and Visual Art in Vancouver. Upon establishing her studio practice in 2003, her experimentation with textile industry waste has resulted in an extensive body of work for which she has received numerous scholarships, grants and awards. She holds a Master of Applied Arts in Visual Arts, Textiles, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textiles, a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Fashion Design and a Diploma in Textile Arts. She was the recipient of the BC Creative Achievements Award 2006 (Canada), shortlisted for Niche Award 2007 (USA), the recipient of the International Design Green Award 2008 (USA) and shortlisted for the SustainArt Design Competition 2014 (UK).

Katherine Soucie’s extensive experience and reputation in the fashion industry, including her expertise in establishing an independent clothing line, her deep knowledge and passion for working with textiles, and her commitment on growing the eco fashion industry locally are major assets to the network’s stakeholders and particularly our students.

About the LCI Education network

LCI Education traces its origins back to LaSalle College in Montreal, which was founded in 1959. Present today on 5 continents, the LCI Education network consists of 23 select higher education institutions, and some 1,500 employees offering instruction to over 10,000 students throughout the world each year.  LCI Education is also known as a leader in online training in Canada. LCI Education encourages program harmonization across the various countries in order to ensure greater flexibility, better control over the quality of its services and respect for cultural diversity.

Photo Credits: Kayla Isomura, as seen in Glass City Archive

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